Essay writing’s formula that takes your creativity in writing !

Write the thesis statement in the first paragraph, write three arguments to support your thesis. Support each of your three arguments with five points, in three separate paragraphs. Each paragraph is to be connected to the next paragraph by a transitional word or phrase at the beginning of the new paragraph. Use transitional words whitin each paragraph as well for greater unity and cohesion. Then repeat the three arguments in the concluding paragraph, ending with a strong conclusion statement.

Sorry guys you can’t write out of blue anymore!


Nathan Philip Square

People were protesting to save children somewhere in Africa. Not everyone was following them, tourists were taking photos with beautiful sign of Toronto. Kids were having ice cream and playing around the fountains. I just thought about humanity, and didn’t find any definition in my mind. Sorry guys people don’t care, people are stuck in their own lives.

P.S: Parking is 8$ on weekends.